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Instructions for the Seminar: Current Topics in Cellular Neurobiology (Module BASQ02 / M5404)

Winter Term 2017/18


How to get your certificate with “bonus points” / grade:

  • For this year’s seminar, we will have four major topics. Each will be covered by an
         introductory class chaired by the advisor in charge and several student talks.
         The introductory classes will be interactive, i.e., we will guide you through the
         topic, but we will also ask questions.
  • To prepare for the seminar, go to the list of dates / speakers on the seminar
         website. You will find (main) reviews for all four major topics (indicated by
         ”(MAIN)REV” in the filename) in addition to the original article you are to
         present. In some cases, the original article is accompanied by a little editorial
         digest or comment (“COMM”), which might ease your understanding.
         Download the main reviews of ALL topics, all reviews relating to your topic
         plus the original article / digest you are to present.
  • Check whether Supplementary Materials (text, figures, movies etc.) are available
         on the journal website of your specific original article and, if so, download
         them as well. (Note: You have to be inside the KIT network to download from
         the corresponding journal websites).
  • Read ALL main reviews (even those related to the other topics) plus your original
         article together with its supplements. Use the additional reviews of your topic,
         textbooks, the internet, etc., and your brain (!) to grasp the contents of the
  • Seek the help of your respective advisor in case you don't understand major points
         of your topic or in your specific original article.
  • Prepare a 20min talk presenting the crucial data of the original article (and be
         prepared for a ≥10min discussion).
  • Meet your advisor at least once for a final revision of your PowerPoint presentation
         before delivering your talk (obligatory!).
  • We expect all attendants to be prepared for all four introductory and all listening
         sessions by reading the respective main reviews. You are expected to
         participate in the discussions.
  • Maximally one third of the “bonus points” / grade will be awarded for your
         presentation, maximally 1/3 for your understanding of your specific topic and
         maximally 1/3 for your contributions to the discussions.
  • Attend all session of the seminar (otherwise bring a doctor’s certificate).
  • If you missed more than one seminar session you have to go to dentition in our
         institutional Journal Club (every Tuesday, 9:15am in room 708 / 7th floor,
         building 30.43). One Journal Club counts for ½ seminar session.


          Nov 14th, 2017                                                       Bachmann / Bentrop / Keppler / Weth