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Instructions for the Seminar: Current Topics in Cellular Neurobiology (Module BASQ02 / M5404)


How to get your bonus points / graded certificate:

  • Every participant is expected to give two presentations. The first is an introduction
         into the broader topic. For this presentation, you are supposed to team up with
         your peer(s) working on the same topic. Use your own internet / literature
         search capabilities to spot suitable sources and make use of the provided
         background literature. The second talk will be given solely by yourself. It is
         about the more specific research paper, which you have chosen to present.
  • There will be an early introductory session, in which we explain and discuss with
         you how to read a scientific paper and how to present it in a seminar.
         Participation in this introductory session is mandatory for bachelor students
         and voluntary for master’s students.
  • For your individual preparation, go to the list of dates / speakers on the seminar
         website. You will find background literature for all three major topics (indicated
         by “REV” in the filename) in addition to the original article covering your
         specific topic. In some cases, the original article is accompanied by supporting
         or commenting information (“COMM”), which might ease your understanding.
         Download all background materials of your topic plus the original article /
         comments you are to present as well as the reviews of the other topics.
  • Check whether Supplementary Materials (text, figures, movies etc.) are available
         on the journal website of your specific original article and, if so, download
         them as well. (Note: You have to be inside the KIT network to download from
         the corresponding journal websites).
  • Read and understand all relevant parts of the downloaded materials. Use, in
         addition, textbooks, the internet etc. and your brain to grasp the contents of
         the papers.
  • Seek the help of your respective advisor (email addresses are to be found on the
         list of dates and speakers) in case you don't understand major points or if you
         don’t find suited textbook literature.
  • Meet your team mate(s) and introduce your original article’s main contents to each
         other. Then discuss and decide upon the contents of an introductory
         presentation, which will familiarize the other seminar participants with the
         necessary background knowledge in the field reported in your articles.
  • Together with your team mate(s), prepare an introductory presentation of
         maximally 30min total length. In addition, prepare a 20min talk presenting the
         crucial data of the original article (and be prepared for a ≥10min discussion)
         for your own presentation.
  • Meet your advisor at least once for a final revision of each of your PowerPoint
         presentations before delivering your talks (mandatory!).
  • We expect all attendants to be prepared for all three introductory and all listening
         sessions by reading the respective main reviews of the other topics as well.
         You are expected to actively participate in the discussions.
  • Maximally one third of the bonus points / grade will be awarded for your
         presentations, maximally 1/3 for your understanding of the topic and
         maximally 1/3 for your contributions to the discussions of the other topics.
  • Attend all session of the seminar (otherwise bring a doctor’s certificate).
  • If you missed a seminar session, you have to go to dentition in our institutional
         Journal Club (every Tuesday, 9:15 am in room 708 of building 30.43).
         One Journal Club counts for ½ seminar day.


          Nov 11th, 2016                                                       Bentrop / Weth